Financial Support and Grants

Working in rural and remote communities requires dedication, commitment and passion. RDWA recognises those qualities and offers a range of financial support services designed to allow you to remain working in rural and remote medicine.


General Practitioner Rural Incentives Program (Commonwealth Incentive)

The General Practitioner Rural Incentive Program (GPRIP) is a program established by the Australian Government’s Department of Health to provide financial incentives to General Practitioners who practise in rural Australia.

There are three components. One provides incentive payments to GPs who practise in rural locations. Incentive payments are scaled according to the ASGC criteria – those GPs who provide services in the most remote communities receive the highest level of incentive payment. A program for Registrars provides similar retention payments.

The third component is a one off payment for GPs who relocate to rural locations.

The detail of the GPRIP is provided by the Department of Health website.

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Professional Support Subsidy (CPD)

The Professional Support subsidy provides financial support to General Practitioners and Specialists located in rural and remote South Australia to access continuing medical education opportunities. The subsidy provides a contribution toward expenses incurred following attendance at courses, events or conferences. The amount of subsidy depends upon the location of the medical practitioner and the number of doctors per location.

Subsidy for GPs

Subsidy for Specialists

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Resident Rural GP Partner/Spouse Grant

The Resident Rural GP Partner/Spouse Grant has been established to provide spouses/partners of resident doctors in rural and remote South Australia with the opportunity to undertake training or professional development for the purpose of gaining employment in their communities. This grant supports the broad retention strategies of the RDWA and recognises the professional development needs of medical spouses/partners.


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Relocation Support Subsidy

The relocation support subsidy is a reimbursement of relocation costs for health professionals who take up practice in rural and remote communities in South Australia. The support subsidy is provided to assist with the cost of moving home and contents.

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Rural Female GP Pre-School Childcare Subsidy

The Rural Female GP Pre-school Childcare subsidy provides female General Practitioners currently practising in rural communities in South Australia with a financial incentive to remain in general practice during their children's pre-school years. The amount of funding available varies based on the individual General Practitioner's number of hours worked per week and the number of pre-school children. The subsidy provides for up to $2AUD per hour worked. The subsidy is paid twice a year upon receipt of an itemised report and must be claimed in the financial year.


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