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medSPACE UMAT Preparation Grant

The RDWA is committed to ensuring that rural students are best placed to take up their chosen career as a Doctor or Dentist.

This program allows rural students to access professional supports in preparing for the UMAT. It also provides support and guidance in Interview skills.

The RDWA has engaged MedEntry to provide some of the components of this program.

UMAT Preparation Grant

The Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admissions Test (UMAT) is the first component to be completed when applying for medicine. RDWA’s medSPACE UMAT Preparation Grant is for students who have a rural background and need to sit the UMAT for admission into university.

The medSPACE UMAT Preparation Grant is valued over $1000 and provides applicants with access to the MedEntry Platinum UMAT Preparation Course Package. The package includes a funded position on a two-day workshop run by MedEntry and access to MedEntry’s online Learning Management System to help you prepare for the UMAT. The Grant also provides access to a Pathways to Medicine webinar and the online medSPACE Interview Support site.

Pathways to Medicine webinars

There are several different pathways you can take when applying to study medicine at university. Recipients of the RDWA’s medSPACE UMAT Preparation Grant are invited to attend a webinar to discuss the various pathways into medicine in South Australia, as well as to hear about what you need to know as a rural background student applying for medicine.

Students with a rural South Australian background and who are sitting the UMAT in 2018, are invited to apply below for the medSPACE UMAT Preparation Grant.

Apply for UMAT Preparation Grant

For more information and to find out how the RDWA can support you, please contact us.

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