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High School Students

The RDWA recognises that rural high school students in South Australia face many challenges when they are thinking about a career in medicine, nursing or allied health.

We provide information and support for all students including Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander students, as well as parents, teachers and school counsellors.

Rural high school students thinking about a nursing or allied health professional career can talk to us about supports that are available.

RDWA’s medSPACE program offers all you need to know about starting a career in medicine.

medSPACE Program

The RDWA’s medSPACE Program for rural high school students is inspirational and practical.

medSPACE provides workshops for rural high school students who are considering applying for an undergraduate medical place at university.

The residential camp aims to show rural high school students that a career in medicine is achievable. The camp provides guided experiences at Flinders University and the University of Adelaide. The camp targets rural students in year 10 and 11.

The UMAT Preparation Support Program aims to support year 12 rural high school students to learn about how the Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admissions Test (UMAT) works. The UMAT is one of the key components to complete when applying for medicine. The support includes workshops, which are held in Whyalla, Mount Gambier and Adelaide, and access to an online distance education package.

Another of the crucial components in the admissions process for medicine is the interview. The Interview Skills Support Program is offered to rural high school year 12 students, gap year students and tertiary transfer students who are applying for undergraduate medicine.

Rural students considering a career in dentistry are also invited to register for the UMAT Preparation and Interview Skills Support Programs.

The University of Adelaide and Flinders University offer undergraduate pathways to medical school in South Australia. Please check with the universities for information about entry requirements and the admissions processes to these courses.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students

If you are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander student considering a health career, there are a number of pathways open to you.

Health Heroes provides you with information on the different careers available along with a personal insight from health professionals currently working in the field.

The Australian Indigenous Doctors’ Association and Indigenous Allied Health Australia also provide a good source of information on careers and scholarships.

The Leaders in Indigenous Medical Education Network provides detailed information about pathways to studying medicine for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.  

For more information on the different pathways and services that can assist entry into university, students and parents can contact RDWA.



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