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Resident Rural GP Pre-School Childcare Subsidy

The RDWA’s Resident Rural GP Pre-School Childcare Subsidy aims to assist resident rural GPs and resident Registrars to remain in the workforce during the time they have pre-school aged children.

The pre-school childcare subsidy provides funding to subsidise the cost of childcare for GPs who are the primary carers of pre-school aged children and who cannot work without placing children in paid childcare. Paid childcare can be centre or home based care. 

GPs and Registrars are eligible to apply for the subsidy if they:

  • reside in and are practising in general practice in rural SA (ASGC-RA 2-5)
  • are the primary carer* of one or more pre-school aged children in a paid childcare arrangement   

* Primary carer: The major provider of ongoing daily care for the child, ie you are the person who is most meeting the child’s physical needs and makes the day to day decisions about the child’s care, welfare and development. There can only be one primary carer for a child at one time.

The pre-school childcare subsidy pays $2 per hour for each hour the child, or children, is in paid childcare when the GP (primary carer) is working (excluding time when on-call).

Resident GPs who are the primary carer of a pre-school aged child, or children, apply to the RDWA to determine eligibility. Eligible GPs submit claims quarterly.

The RDWA provides payment within funds available. This program is now fully subscribed for financial year 2020/21. 

For more information please contact GP Services.



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